Emma McCaughan’s home page

Who I am

I live in Cottenham, near Cambridge, with my husband, Gareth, and my daughter Heather. Heather was born on 14th August, 2006, and currently takes up most of my time. I am a Christian (actively involved at All Saints, Cottenham).

What I do

I've realised that when people ask what I do, like many people, I tend to assume they're only asking about things I'm paid for. Since 2000, I have been a "portfolio worker", mixing and matching several part-time jobs, so even that can turn into a list. Below, I've tried to be a bit more comprehensive...

Things I've done in the relatively recent past:

Contact me

There's an e-mail at the bottom of the page. If you do online networking, I exist on LiveJournal, and rather more tentatively on FaceBook.

For photos, see Flickr: we intend to add more soon.

I tend to operate on the most paranoid security settings, but will gladly add friends as contacts.

My other pages

Here are some links to my other pages. I am still reconstructing this site, so they may not exist at the moment.