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(No, it isn't quite a palindrome. Too bad.)

A friend of mine found yesterday that some malefactor had attached an extra lock to his bicycle. So, in the middle of town, in public view, he set to work with a hacksaw. It took him 15 minutes to saw through the lock. In that time, only one person made any attempt to challenge him. Still, it could have been worse.

On 2007-04-02 at 20:45:19, Gareth Rees said:

Was it a D-lock? If so, I'm quite impressed with the power of the hacksaw. I had always imagined that if this happened to me I'd have to go to HSS and hire a portable angle grinder or other power tool.

A couple of years ago my own D-lock broke: one of the pins snapped, making it impossible to get the key into the lock. Luckily the bike was secured to an immovable object with the other lock, so I was able to carry it round to Ben Hayward's, where they cut through the D-lock in about ten seconds.

(I'm not sure the Kitty Genovese comparison is in the best of taste: someone might have legitimate reasons for cutting through a bike lock — recovering their own bike, clearing abandoned bikes, preparing for roadworks — but no-one has a legitimate reason for murder.)

On 2007-04-02 at 21:41:32, g said:

Perhaps it wasn't a very good D-lock.

I'm sorry if you were (or if anyone else was) offended by the comparison. Your remark about legitimate reasons of course addresses not the question of whether it's tasteless but whether it's unfair; I think it's not unfair because (1) the number of people who must have seen my friend sawing through a bike lock was surely much more than the number who witnessed the murder of Kitty Genovese, (2) AIUI it's far from clear that the latter knew they were witnessing a murder, and (3) you're in much more personal danger challenging a murderer than challenging a petty thief.

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