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I don't normally read the Sunday newspapers, but I was staying with my parents last Sunday and took a look at the papers they'd bought: the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph. Both had about 15 pages of news. The Times had a front-page announcement about Obama/Biden and a short article on some Obama-related subject. Apart from that, every single story in the news section of either paper was UK-specific in some way: mostly things happening in the UK, and a few stories about Brits abroad.

Perhaps there was a separate section called "International News" or something. Even if so: what a parochial notion of "news" these people are working with.

(Probably this is old news to people who read newspapers more than I do. And those wouldn't have been my Sunday papers of choice; maybe some others are different.)

On 2009-02-13 at 14:58:52, Bluebottle said:

Back in the 60's the Mirror had six pages of foreign news every day. Yes, that Mirror, the well-known red top.

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