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I suppose this is what they call a blog. Except that blogs are supposed to be updated more often than this is.

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Sunday 2007-04-01


So, as of approximately now I have comments, thanks to Haloscan. I'm afraid you don't get the how-many-comments notification; HS's code for doing this uses document.write in a way that completely breaks in my web browser. Haloscan is a bit icky, but it'll do.

I have moderation turned on for comments here, in an effort to mitigate spam. I'll see how that goes.

when i survey

Percentage of the US population who, according to a recent poll, ...

... think the theory of evolution is well-supported by evidence and widely accepted within the scientific community:48%
... ditto, among Evangelical Protestants:25%
... say they don't personally know any atheists:48%
... would not vote for an atheist political candidate:62%
... think it is impossible for an atheist to be a moral person:26%

was it a saw i saw

(No, it isn't quite a palindrome. Too bad.)

A friend of mine found yesterday that some malefactor had attached an extra lock to his bicycle. So, in the middle of town, in public view, he set to work with a hacksaw. It took him 15 minutes to saw through the lock. In that time, only one person made any attempt to challenge him. Still, it could have been worse.