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Tuesday 2008-11-04


Quite a lot of email sent to me (and to Emma) appears to be vanishing without trace. If you've sent anything to either of us and haven't had the reply you expected, please try sending it again. (The problem, whatever it is, appears to strike at random; your next message isn't at extra risk just because your last one got lost.)

Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm looking into the problem urgently and hope it gets fixed soon.

I don't know how long it's been going on, though it seems either to be quite new or to have got worse recently. If you've had suspicions that mail hasn't reached us in the past and haven't already told us, please let me know. Thanks!

Note: The way comments here work is basically that they get mailed to me by the webserver. Therefore, mysteriously unapproved comments should be considered equivalent to mysteriously unanswered emails.

Update, 2008-11-10: evil BT stealth spam filter. Sorted. I've retrieved everything from the last month, but anything before that is lost and gone for ever.