[g] Religion

Note: This page was written some time ago, when I was still a Christian. I'm not any more, so it's likely that some material in here no longer reflects my current opinions.

I'm a Christian.

Of course I think you should be one too; I'm not going to try to prove this (because it's not the sort of thing one can prove), but I can recommend it very highly.


Why am I a Christian? Good question. Here are some reasons.


The church I attend (Holy Trinity, Cambridge, England) is an evangelical Anglican church. I suppose that sort of makes me an evangelical Anglican. I'd go with the `evangelical', with certain reservations; I'm not so sure about the `Anglican'. I don't like denominational divisions, though it seems clear to me that denominations are necessary simply because of human diversity: not everyone will want to worship in the same way.

I am not a Calvinist and not an inerrantist.

I believe strongly that Christians should be inclusive in outlook. I don't mean that `all religions are equally valid', or any such nonsense: I mean that contempt and hatred are never the right response to any person's ideas or actions. However badly wrong someone is, and however wicked their actions, they should be treated with love and respect.

I object in the strongest possible terms to movements like the so-called "Christian Identity" which try to link Christianity to racism and hatred. I consider them to be blasphemy of a particularly nasty kind.

You might possibly be interested in some essays and musings on more or less Christian themes. Or you might not.


If I weren't a Christian, I think I'd like to be Orthodox Jewish. I have been very impressed by the devotion of the orthodox Jews I have known, and by the clarity of their thinking.

With John Sturdy, I used to run a sort-of-weekly sort-of-Taizé service in Great St Mary's Church in Cambridge. It still happens, but under new management, every Friday evening in Full Term at 10pm.

For the last N years, my wife and I have been helping on Scripture Union's Live Wires holiday for children (and its predecessor, with the even less catchy name of "Computing and Electronics Holiday").