Gareth McCaughan’s home page

This is, er, my home page. I have at various times had other home pages, which no longer exist other than in the cavernous memories of Google and the Internet Archive.

These pages, like all pages on the WWW, are "under construction". I hope all broken links are clearly marked as such; if you find any that aren’t, please tell me.

Who I am

I have one wife (named Emma) and one daughter (named Heather).

Until early June 2006, I was a Christian. I'm not any more. I have written a few desultory essays and musings, mostly on more or less Christian themes. Some people have found some of them interesting. I also have some shorter remarks. Think of them as little essays, if you like.

As of 2008-06-09, I work for Light Blue Optics, a company that makes small holographic video projectors. Before that I worked for ClickTracks (web analytics software; now part of Lyris); before that, Synaptics (input devices for computers, media players, phones, etc.); before that, I was a Research Fellow (in pure mathematics) at Peterhouse, the smallest and oldest of the Cambridge colleges. My work has generally been some combination of mathematics and software development.

My interests other than mathematics and software include classical music (I sing in the New Cambridge Singers, but otherwise I mostly just listen); chess, go and backgammon (all of which I play tolerably well but not expertly); mostly-analytic philosophy; and reading almost anything.

If you want to know more about me (though I can’t think why you would), have a look at my personal pages or my blag, er, blug, er, blog.

Some local links

I used to maintain some reviews of restaurants and other eating places in and around Cambridge. I stopped when I changed job and the machine they were on ceased to exist; they’d been out of date for some time. That was back in the 1990s; I mention this merely because Google seems still to have some memory of them.

I have written some software that might interest you, and some book reviews.

I’ve already mentioned my personal pages, and my boring essays and remarks.

If you need to send me confidential information of any sort, or if you think all e-mail should be encrypted, then you might find my GPG public key useful.